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Need New Batteries?


Need New Batteries for your cordless phone or 2-Way Radio?
If you notice a reduction in the talk time and standby time of your product you probably need to replace the rechargeable batteries.
Replacing batteries requires caution. Only the same age (as in purchased at the same time), size, type and capacity of battery should be used. For example for the Oricom PRO Series you MUST use AAA, Ni-MH, 800mAh batteries. Any other type or material will potentially cause damage to the product and could result in personal injury or property damage if the batteries were to explode or leak. Alkaline batteries should never be used unless the user guide specifically details this type of battery can be used.
IF YOU ARE UNSURE of what battery is required for your product, please phone Oricom Customer Support on: - 02 4574 8888 to obtain advice or to buy suitable replacement batteries.
Some Tips on Battery care

Products supplied with Ni-MH batteries, like all batteries do require some care to get the best performance from them. When new, the batteries are shipped with a small residual charge which is the recommended way to ship these batteries. When first installed into the product it should not be used for a minimum of 14 hours to give the battery its best start in life.

After this initial charge the battery will still not be at its maximum capacity, to get the maximum capacity out of a new battery after this first charge the product can be used but should not be returned placed on charge until the low battery warning sounds / appears. The product should then be placed on charge again for a further 14 hours. Repeating this process 3 or 4 times you will be rewarded with the best battery life the battery is able to give.
When in use after that period, every 3 months the battery should be left to run down until the low battery warning occurs again, then place the product on charge and leave uninterrupted for 14 hours.
If the phone is not going to be used for an extended period, i.e. more than a week, the batteries should be charged and then removed from the product before any period of non use. Leaving the batteries on charge for extended periods may shorten the batteries usable life.
Ni-MH batteries are fragile. If the batteries or handset is dropped this will damage the battery internally and will at best reduce the batteries usable life. If this occurs it is recommended that the batteries be replaced.


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