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Secure710 Digital Baby Monitor

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  • Multi-camera capable. Connects to up to 4. CU710 or CU850PT

Secure710 Digital Baby Monitor

$ 229.00
Keep a careful eye on your baby, night and day, from anywhere in your home with Oricom’s latest Premium Digital Video Baby monitor.
The Oricom SC710 boasts a large 2.4" Colour LCD display, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring and is multi-camera capable so you can connect up to four cameras.

Oricom Baby monitors give you the peace of mind and freedom to get on with other things around the home.   

Multi-camera capable, up to 4 cameras, sold separately (SC710 or CU850PT)


Baby Unit
Wall mountable Infrared Camera 
Gives you a clear picture of your baby even in the dark.
Nursery room temperature sensor
Constantly displays the nursery room temperature 
Soft comforting adjustable night light
No need to leave your baby in darkness, a soft starry glow from the night providing comfort and reassurance for your baby, soothing the way to sleep.
Five polyphonic lullabies
Providing a soothing auditory distraction to lull baby off to sleep.
Sound Sensor lights
You can use the sensor lights on the Parent Unit to monitor the noise levels in your baby's room, when the volume on the Parent Unit is turned down low.  
Parent Unit
2.4" Colour Display
Large clear display allows you to keep an eye on your baby anywhere around the home.
Parent talk back
This features allows you to talk to your baby whenever you need to use the comfort only your own voice can give.
Multi-Camera Capable
Connects to up to 4 camera units (CU710). Great for twins or for keeping a watchful eye on multiple children.
Fully portable
This parent unit provides you with mobility and the hands-free convenience that will allow you to go about your everyday work and still be able listen to your baby.
Adjustable digital volume control
Adjust the volume level as needed.
3 year warranty 
Peace of mind. Buy your Oricom product with confidence.  
Feature Value
Camera (baby unit) Socket: 6 V DC Sensor: 1 night light sensor IR diodes: 6pcs
Monitor (parent unit) Screen: 2.4" LCD display Socket: 6 V DC 
Battery Pack for Parent unit Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery pack 3.7V 1500mAh
Power supply (parent unit) AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 150 mA Power adaptor plug, output: 6 VDC, 800 mA 
Battery performance Initial charge time Up to 12 h. Up to 8 hours of continuous operation on fully charged battery with VOX turned ON.
Power supply (baby unit) AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 150 mA Power adaptor plug, output: 6 VDC, 800 mA or 4 AAA Alkaline batteries 
Range Up to 150 meters under optimum conditions. Range is reduced in buildings through walls, doors etc. 
Frequency range 2.4 GHz Digital FHSS
Permissible ambient temperature 0°C to 40°C
Note: For a replacement battery pack or other spare parts please contact Oricom.


Baby Monitor Secure710 - FAQ's
My Baby Monitor Keeps Showing 'Out of Range'  or the picture is 'frozen' what should I do?
The most likely reason for receiving the out of range alert, frozen picture or limited range on your baby monitor is frequency congestion. If this is the cause, resetting your monitor will avoid busy channels. 
1.Turn both Camera and Parent units off and remove the battery in the parent unit. Leave unplugged for 5mins. 
2.If you have Wi-Fi in the home, make it busy by streaming a video on YouTube or similar. 
3.Turn the camera back on wait for 30 seconds. 
4.Ensure the antenna on both the parent unit and camera unit is in the vertical position. 
5.Plug the battery into the parent unit and turn on. 
If the display is still showing “Out of Range” please relink the units as instructed in the user guide. When relinking it is best to keep the camera and parent units close together (within 1m) and keep clear of all other electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets or computers. If this process is unsuccessful please contact our support team and we will assist you further. Phone: 1300 889 785

How do I register a new camera unit?
1.     Switch on the parent unit.
2.     On monitor mode, press and hold <Camera> key for 5 seconds, it will switch to registration mode.
3.     After registration icon appears, press the arrow up or arrow down button to select the camera channel [C1] or [C2] or [C3[] or [C4] that you want the baby unit to pair with.
4.     Press and release <Menu> key to confirm which camera number to be registered.
5.     The Link LED then flashes rapidly for 10 seconds.
6.     Switch the baby unit ON. Press the pair key once (at the back of the camera).
7.      If registration is completed, camera video appears on LCD screen and returns to normal mode. The baby unit will also return to normal mode.
8.     If the registration time is expired or registration fails, [Out of Range] appears on the LCD.
How many cameras can I connect to the one parent unit?
The SC710 can connect up to 4 camera units (CU710) to the one parent unit.  The original unit is supplied with one camera.  Additional cameras can be purchased from our online store or from your local baby store. Note: The SC710 can connect to both CU710 and CU850PT Motorised Pan-tilt camera units.
The amber light stays illuminated on my parent unit even when finished charging.
That’s ok. The amber light indicates that power is being supplied to the cradle.  Even when the battery is fully charged, the amber light will stay on.
I don’t seem to be getting the best possible range from my unit.
To get the optimum range from your SC710, extend both the antenna on the camera unit and the antenna on the parent unit vertically, so they point straight up.  Keep in mind that doors, walls and electrical equipment can reduce the range of your unit.
When I put my monitor on ‘scan’ the cameras say “out of range”, but they work singularly.
Ensure your cameras are selected to be in the scan sequence.  You can check this by pressing the camera button to display each camera.  Each camera number should have a tick mark against it.  If it has a cross, simply press the up or down volume key to change it to a tick. This will include that camera number in the scan sequence.
My parent unit screen goes blank after 10 seconds.
This may be as a result of the VOX (sound detection) setting.  The screen will turn off when no sound is detected, but will reactivate when the sound threshold reaches a set level, or when any button on the parent unit is pressed.  The VOX setting can be activated or deactivated via the menu key.
How long should my battery last?
Depending on the usage of the monitor, the parent unit will work for up to 8 hours on a brand new, fully charged battery with the VOX feature turned on.  When the battery level becomes low, the amber power LED will flash slowly.  At this point you will need to return the parent unit to the charger.  Over time your battery life may become shorter.  When the battery life is no longer suitable, we suggest you replace your battery.  These can be purchased in our online store.
My screen is showing in black and white, not colour.
The camera has high-intensity infrared LEDs for picking up clear images in the dark.  When the built in photo sensor detects a low level of ambient light, the LEDs will automatically activate and the screen on the parent unit will display in black and white.
What are the lullabies on this unit?
1- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2- Silent Night
3- Minuet in G Major
4- Londonderry Air 4
5- Blue Danube
My Monitor is telling me the temperature is 3 to 4 degrees higher than the room temperature
The sensor on the back of the baby unit should be positioned as far away from the monitor as possible in a horizontal direction.  There should be some airflow around the sensor to allow the temperature of the room to be measured the tolerance of the displayed temperature  is + or -2 degrees C                  
On my SC710 screen I am seeing HI/LO flashing indicator, but, I have temperature warnings Off. 
Even with the temperature warning alarm turned off, The indicator icon for Low or High temp will still flash, Hi will flash when the temperature is over 30 degrees C, Lo will flash when the temp is below 16 degrees C, however the audible alarm will not indicate with temp warning off.
This is simply an additional feature that gives an indication of hi/lo temperature, without the alarm function.
My SC710 is not showing any picture from my camera could it be de-linked or deselected.
This can happen sometimes when you have clicked on the camera and then volume down(within 8 seconds of one another), This will put an X next to the camera, to re-check and establish the link before having to do a full re-link follow this process.
Press the camera symbol on the Parent unit, this will show C1, (if your camera unit is another e.g. C2,C3 or C4 push button until that camera shows).
Then press the Volume up button on the parent unit within 8 seconds this will bring the camera unit back into link, you will see a check mark next to the specified camera Icon.
This will only work if the camera unit has been de-checked (showing an X beside the specific camera) and will not work if you have attempted the full relink process first.
If the above process does not work please follow the full registration process on page 8 of the User Guide
Scan mode on the SC710
If the VOX is set to ‘ON’ for each camera unit, it will, when that camera is selected and the audio level is above the VOX threshold, turn the display back on for all cameras,  to turn the display off again the display off button must be pressed.
If the vibration is turned on (each camera), the volume is set to off (each camera), VOX set to on (each camera), scan selected and the display set to off, if the noise level on the selected (in scan mode) camera is above the VOX threshold then the display will be turned on and vibration activated once the display is on it will not automatically turn off the ‘Display off’ button must be pressed again to turn the display off.
Each camera unit can be set with vibration on or off and VOX level set to desired level this allows the Vibration to be active for one camera and audio, or audio and vibrate for another camera, in all conditions if the display is off it will be turned back on for all cameras and will stay on until the ‘Display off’ button is pressed.
When in scan mode the VOX only works to turn the display on it will not turn the display off, this must be done by pressing the ‘Display off’ button, it is not possible to set the display to turn off automatically when in scan mode.
In any mode when the display is off it can be turned back on by pressing any button on the parent unit, the normal function for that button will be accessed on the 2nd push after the display has turned on 
Scan mode is the predominate setting on the sc710 when the unit is set to scan and VOX mode, all functions for scan mode will occur before the operative function of the VOX mode is present and able to function, this will be explained below.
Scan Mode
When multiple cameras are registered to the parent unit, the scan mode will cycle through each camera, displaying the image for 10 seconds. The audio for the associated image will be played, i.e. if camera 1 image is displayed, you will receive the audio for camera 1. The parent unit will continue to scan through all cameras connected. If you need to view a camera for more than 10 seconds, deactivate the scan mode.
Scan and VOX mode on the SC710 using multi camera
If the VOX is set to ‘ON’ for each camera unit, it will, when that camera is selected and the audio level is above the VOX threshold, turn the display back on for all cameras,  to turn the display off again the display off button must be pressed.
In a night vision setting (when there is little or no ambient light) the infrared LED’s will switch on for the camera that has registered the sound, this can occur at the moment that the scan switches between cameras and can cause one or more of the linked cameras to not turn the infrared LED’s on.
What lullabies are included?
  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Silent Night
  3. Minuet in G Major
  4. Londonderry Air
  5. Blue Danube

Customer Reviews

  1. Good until linking a second csmera Review by McD

    We used this with our first born and had no issues. Now that we have tried to link a second camera for our second child, we constantly receive 'out of range' notifications and must re link to fix it. Obviously this cannot be done whilst either child is asleep so we have many nights without a monitor on one of the children. Very disappointing. (Posted on 15/03/17)

  2. Loved it at first but now the battery dies within minutes Review by Christina

    I have a 6 month old son and only started using the monitor around 4 and a half months ago. Just in the last month I have found that unless we leave the parent monitor on the charging dock the whole time, the battery dies within minutes. It has been really frustrating at night to wake hearing our baby scream and see that the parent monitor battery has died.
    I also find that the range is not very good. We do live in a brick home with babies room in the middle, but we can't even make it to the front of the house without it losing range.
    I have loved that clarity of the screen and I do find that it is appropriately sensitive to movement and noises.
    I just wish the battery was better, or we were informed of a way to use it without the battery dying so quickly.

    ORICOM RESPONSE: Hi Christina, Batteries are a consumable and as such have a lifespan which can vary depending on charging patterns and use. We recommend you replace a battery anywhere from 6-18months or when you notice lifespan is greatly diminished. Another way of extending battery life is to have VOX activated (see the user guide for instructions). To help with range, make sure both antennas are in the vertical position and if you would like any assistance at all please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785. (Posted on 7/02/17)

  3. Poor Battery Life, constantly looses signal Review by Luke

    We have had this monitor for about 8 months now. and battery of the parent unit only lasts about 10 minutes before going flat now. Pathetic. Look on Oricom website, NO batteries in stock.
    The other problem is it is situated, less than 10metres away from the baby monitor, and constantly cuts out and looses signal. Now I've read all the things saying to reset the monitor to refresh the channels to hopefully get a less congested channel, blah blah blah... But it still does it.

    In Summary, I have a monitor that when it is charged, for those brief 10 minutes, cant even maintain a signal to keep an eye on my little one. (Posted on 9/12/16)

  4. Great product, value for money, service Review by Joel

    Great product and value for money. We have used these every night for the last 3 years and have been great.

    Had a couple of issues but Oricom have been great with service and support. (Posted on 4/10/16)

  5. Don't buy Review by Kobes

    This unit is junk. We sit in the next room- just one wall away and get the 'out of range' signal- even if he door is open. We even tested it in the same room!
    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Waste of money.
    Frustrating when we were 'sold' into buying this one. A

    ORICOM RESPONSE: Dear Kobes, We are sorry that this has been your experience and we would really like the opportunity to help. The most likely reason for receiving the out of range alert, freezing and limited range on your baby monitor is frequency congestion. If this is the cause, resetting your monitor will avoid busy channels. There is a process outlined for this under the FAQ tab on the product page of our website. If this process is unsuccessful please contact our support team and we will assist you further. Phone: 1300 889 785 Sincerely, Oricom Baby Care (Posted on 8/09/16)

  6. Shocking monitors Review by Sam

    I have had this monitor for a little over a year and the amount of issues i am always having with them is just horrible.

    i am a single mum of two baby boys and cannot afford to get new ones, so now i am stuck with expensive monitors that don't even work.
    They CONSTANTLY go out of range, half the time they don't pair with each other. and now the parent monitor isn't even working. i now have the worse sleep in the world petrified that i won't wake up to them crying.

    STAY AWAY....... (Posted on 7/08/16)

  7. Great unit but 1 issue Review by Neik,Geoff,Pearce&Floyd

    Love the unit it does the job. Range varies depending on the day but it works fine within the home i found it to pick up once i connected a second camera. It doesn't have the time displayed which for a mum waking frequently would be an asset... im also having trouble the power goes out where we live frequently & so i put batteries into the cameras..... they still dont work??!! Can anyone help with this? I want to be able to utilise the monitor even when power is out possibly even more so regarding temp etc. (Posted on 19/07/16)

  8. Waste of money Review by Jess

    I have a 2 story home, when buying this product I was reassured I wouldn't have any trouble with the signal. Well they were wrong! When I'm downstairs in the kitchen and the monitor is on upstairs the hand held is constantly out of range. If you have a 2atory home I would t purchase this due to the reception.

    ORICOM REPONSE: Hi Jess, It is a shame that the monitor is not working well for you.
    Environmental conditions such as house construction may influence range and this will be different from one home to the next. Most retailers allow you to return or exchange a product if it will not work in your environment within two weeks of purchase.
    There may be some things you can do to try and improve the range of your monitor including deploying both antennas in a vertical position and re-linking the monitor to overcome any frequency congestion that may be causing the out of range (see instructions in the FAQ section of the product page:
    If you need any further help or advise, don’t hesitate to call our friendly Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785.
    Best regards, Oricom Baby Care
    (Posted on 16/04/16)

  9. Poor battery Review by Bec

    I love this product. I've been using it just over a year and battery no longer holds its charge at all. Quite annoying. (Posted on 23/01/16)

  10. Sound stopped working Review by Sara

    I bought this monitor for my second baby for additional peace of mind. I've really liked it, found it easy to use with great functionality, BUT at less that a year old, the sound on the monitor has just stopped working. Regardless of turning up the sound as high as it will go, there's no sound at all. This is really disappointing after such a short period :-( (Posted on 22/01/16)

  11. Highly reccomend Review by AnnitaL

    Is perfect for what we need. Multiple camera options is extremely practical for more than one child. (Posted on 26/11/15)

  12. Great monitor Review by Sherbet

    I love this monitor. It works really well. It's great that it turns on when my baby cries so I can see her. The talk back feature is also really great as if I can see she is just stirring I can shush her back to sleep without having to get out of bed.

    I haven't had any issues with my monitor being out of range and use it when when I visit my in laws whose dining room is literally in a house next door to the room my baby is sleeping in, so it's a fair distance.

    It's been a great purchase! (Posted on 10/10/15)

  13. Best Of The Best 99% of the time! Review by HushFam

    We've had the Oricom 710 with two cameras set up for about a year now, previously it was set up with just the one for about 3 months.

    Our son has breathing issues in his sleep and this device has given us so much piece of mind to be able to see and hear him sleep. It was an absolute godsend when our daughter came along to have the option to keep watch of both our babies visually and with audio.
    On the odd occasion range will drop out for a short while but regain soon after, and I've found it more common during the day when it's not actually in use.

    Our first ecperience of interference was tonight and I must say it gave me quite a scare as we've never had this problem before (even with another baby monitor in our house from the neighbour a few weeks ago). I felt as though someone has hacked into it and was watching our children or that there was something unusual causing the interference.
    I took my children out of their bedrooms for a few hours until I stopped hearing the constant beeping/buzzing interference sound.

    On most use this is a simple, effective monitor to use between one or two children in our experience.
    I would recommend it to any parent needing to watch over their children. (Posted on 14/06/15)

  14. Pretty disappointed Review by Hannahp

    We bought this monitor as we had 2 under 2 in different rooms thought it would be great. Both baby room monitors a permanently out of range even though have been synced and are well within the range. The one monitor now has issues with the microphone making my baby sound like an alien. Contacted Oricom and they said send the unit back at our expense and they would refurb it and send back in approximately 3 weeks after they receive it. So that would mean I would be without any form of baby monitor for 4 weeks approx.
    very very disappointed will never buy from Oricom again sadly :( (Posted on 8/05/15)

  15. Great product with great customer service Review by RI

    I’ve been using this baby monitor for 5 months now and love it.The range is good, picture is clear and sound is perfect. The customer service is fantastic too. I recently had an issue with my camera, I emailed Oricom to let them know, I received a response the next day and the issue was dealt with very quickly. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a baby monitor. Great product and great customer service - you’ll love it!
    (Posted on 26/11/14)

  16. Range is horrible Review by Kris

    I brought this one for the video so we could watch our son without having to be in the room with him, however the range is horrible on it as i am unable to sit at my dining room table for dinner and be able to watch him as the monitor claims to be 'out of range' and the dining room is only 8ms from the bedroom at the most and there is nothing in between the bedroom and dining room that would interfere with the range, very disappointed that this monitor has not lived up to it's expectation!! (Posted on 23/05/14)

  17. Couldn't be happier with the product. Review by DJL

    I bought it a few days ago and I'm really happy with it. The camera has great resolution, and the adjustable VOX and volume is great. I have already recommend it to others. And the temp indicator is also very beneficial especially as it's getting colder now.
    Great product. Great price :o) (Posted on 11/04/14)

  18. All in all, the Oricom SC710 is a great unit - totally reliable and very reasonably priced, too. I recommend this model to every new mum I meet! Review by EL

    We've had the Oricom Secure Digital (SC710) since our baby was born and it is, and continues to be an absolute godsend.

    From the early days, we were able to sleep our baby in his own room, and to check on him frequently using the video monitor.

    The SC710’s colour display is 2.4 inches - just the right size, and the monitoring device is just right size-wise, as the base station sits nicely on our bedroom side table.

    The infrared night vision feature is very helpful because we don't have to disturb our baby by opening the door every time we want to see if he is sleeping (or stirring).

    My husband and I are both big fans of the video monitor, which works in the dark and in the daytime. The screen also has a zoom function, so you can see what he's doing up close. If our baby makes a sound, the screen automatically comes on. It’s great!

    If you want to attach additional cameras in other rooms, you can add up to 4 - ideal if you have a big house with an upstairs/downstairs, or if you have kids in multiple rooms to watch over.

    I also work from home, so the video camera functionality lets me keep an ear out for my baby while I work.

    Our baby monitor acts as our alarm clock in the morning, because as soon as our baby stirs, the screen and the audio comes on to alert us.

    We also love the parent talk back feature - - if our baby ever needs settling, we talk to him from the Parent Station.

    The camera in our baby’s room has an orange night light which is going to come in handy when our bubs is older and gets scared of the dark.

    We also love the nursery room temperature sensor. We didn’t have to buy a separate one when our baby was born. We rely on the temperature sensor (which features on the LCD screen) every day, and we adjust his wraps and blankets accordingly.

    The battery pack’s been great - and if we ever needed a replacement you can get them through Oricom easily enough.

    Almost forgot to mention the lullaby feature – there are 5 to choose from and our son particularly likes the Blue Danube Waltz.

    All in all, the Oricom SC710 is a great unit - totally reliable and very reasonably priced, too. I recommend this model to every new mum I meet!
    (Posted on 17/03/14)

  19. Great except range Review by Nat153

    The oricom 710 is a great product and makes me feel a lot better about my son being in a separate room a night. My only issue is the range on it.. If I go out the back to hang clothes on the line or out the front to collect mail it drops out of range. (Posted on 10/02/14)

  20. Does it all Review by Kat

    This monitor is excellent, provides a full high quality picture day and night when positioned across the room, clear sound, and is spot on in its temperature reading. I definitely recommend it.

    It has features such as multiple cameras, zoom and parent talk which I have not needed, yet better to have more features than you need than less.

    The only two things is I would like a dial to turn up and down the volume rather than to have to scroll through the menu and use the arrows keys and same for the VOX button, it would be nice if this was separate. These two buttons are the ones I find the most and having to scroll through the menu takes more concentration in the night than if they were separate.

    Other than that it does everything I need and more and is of higher quality than other monitors I have used. (Posted on 21/11/13)

  21. Great features, easy to use Review by Alex

    Has all the features we wanted and more. Very easy to use (Posted on 17/10/13)

  22. Great value Review by Apple

    Great value, easy to set up and use. Great picture display & audio. Love that both parent and baby units connect to house elect but have battery back up. Only negative is that it does not work when baby unit upstairs in room and parent unit downstairs (directly under baby room). Approx 3mtr vertical height, in a standard 2 story timber floor house, not near any electrical interference. But for the price, it's good value anyway, just have to leave unit midway on staircase with volume turned up & vibrate so I can hear the alarm go off if baby wakes. Overall definitely recommend, would be perfect for single story house! (Posted on 12/09/13)

  23. Love the Secure710. Review by ez

    Value for money with the amount of features and peace of mind this monitor provides.
    We love the fact that we can not only watch our baby but we can check the temperature in her room, play music for her, listen to her and talk to her.
    I would highly reccomend this monitor and other Oricom products. (Posted on 5/09/13)

  24. Couldnt live without it! Review by Jenniferperth

    Great product.
    We couldn't live without it. It gives us piece of mind as we can trust it 100%
    Thanks Oricom
    Jen, Perth (Posted on 1/08/13)

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